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All On 4

Recover Functionality

Revolutionary oral rehabilitation approach for people who have lost all their teeth

Dentures over Implants

It´s a revolutionary oral rehabilitation approach for people who have lost all their teeth, or for those who need their teeth extracted due to the damage they have suffered, with the placement of 4 Dental Implants.

Recover your smile with a fixed (ALL ON 4, ALL ON 6) or semi-removable (SNAP ON) prosthesis.

This procedure consists of placing from 2 to 8 implants in an arch to retain a palate-free denture. The number of implants will depend on the amount of bone that is available. Most patients are candidates for one or the other treatment, depending on the dentist’s evaluation. For both cases, it is necessary first to perform a three-dimensional dental tomography, which will allow us to know the quantity and quality of the bone that is available. In case of not having the previous bone, it will be necessary to place bone and then continue with the implants.

Here are the steps we need to follow for this treatment:

01. Both ALL ON 4 and SNAP ON will require the same times for their completion. In a first view, we carry out the physical evaluation, then a 3D CT scan will be performed to be able to carry out a digital treatment planning.

02. After putting together, a dental treatment plan, the case is presented to the patient. It explains in detail your situation and what we can do to improve your dental health.

03. After a long question and answer session and if the patient accepts the treatment plan and costs, we will proceed to schedule the appointment for the placement of the implants.

04. Once the implants are placed, a recovery process of 4 months will be required. During this time, the bone and the implant will fuse in a process called osseointegration, and stability will be achieved to continue with the process.

05. After the 4 months have gone by, the abutments will be placed, which are nothing more than the connectors between the implant and the prosthesis that will be your new teeth.

06. After the abutments are placed, a last appointment will be made 7 days later where the prosthesis will be fixed to the implants.


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Get fully functioning, new teeth in a short amount of time

Improve your appearance

Eat food without restrictions

Get a long-lasting smile

Eliminate health issues associated with failing teeth

Easily care for your teeth

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  • Permanent teeth that can be brushed and cleaned like natural teeth
  • Do not have to be taken out (All on 4) in Snap On you can take out by applying some force
  • Comfortableness, they do not press down on your gums
  • Allows you to experience the hot and cold of your food, as well as the taste
  • Allows you to bite with increased force (up to 70% more), so you can eat all of your favorite foods again
  • Prevent bone deterioration
  • Restore your facial features
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  • Includes: 4
  • Titanium Implants, 4
  • Titanium Abutments. 1
  • Immediate Denture 1
  • Final Denture
$6,100 USD


  • Includes: 4
  • Titanium Implants, 4
  • Titanium Abutments. 1
  • Immediate Denture 1
  • Final Denture
$8,000 USD
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