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Recommended for almost any age prior dental check-up


Dental braces are an orthodontic technique that corrects the alignment of the teeth, corrects bad occlusion problems and has a very important role in improving dental health. This procedure helps patients prevent severe problems and is recommended for almost any age prior dental check-up.

Here are the steps we need to follow for this treatment:

Braces work by making partial movements in the teeth until they are in the optimal position, This process should be slow to allow the reabsorption of the bone. The time will depend on each patient, but we are talking about periods between 18 and 24 months on average. During this period, monthly visits are scheduled in which we make the necessary adjustments.


Visits and Times

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Material Options

Metallic Braces

It is a procedure by which the teeth that have moved out of place are placed in the correct position, this will be done progressively and over time. The efficiency of metallic brackets is superior to that of any other type of braces. Although we are not talking about a considerable difference, this type of treatment may be suggested by the orthodontist for more delicate cases that require greater complexity.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a more aesthetic system than conventional metal brackets, this is ideal for patients who seek discretion, achieved thanks to its ivory color. They are made of porcelain materials, such as lithium disilicate. With these braces the same results will be achieved as with the metallic ones. We could also mention that as they are translucent, they allow light to pass through them, and the enamel of the area they cover can be seen. Contrary to metal braces these avoid flashes and reflections achieved by metal parts. Another point to rescue is that it does not have such long edges or tips and that allows you not to have discomforts from the treatment. It is worth mentioning that ceramic braces are ideal for patients with allergies to metals such as nickel and titanium. They are slightly more expensive, but if you wish to be discreet with your braces, ceramics might be your best option.

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Braces are a long procedure, for which we have created a financing system or monthly payments. Patients can opt for this procedure without the need to make a full payment.

The first phase consists of placing the braces. In this process, the payment of 20% of the value of the treatment will be required. The remaining balance is divided between the months of treatment indicated by the orthodontist.

Metal Braces:

The total payment will be 1,500 USD. This amount will be divided into an initial payment of 300 USD and the balance of 1,200 USD will be divided between the months of treatment. If we consider that an estimated time is generally 24 months, the monthly payment would be 50 USD.

Ceramic Braces:

The total payment will be 2,200 USD. This amount will be divided into an initial payment of 440 USD and the balance of 1,760 USD will be divided between the months of treatment. If we consider that an estimated time is generally 24 months, the monthly payment would be 75 USD.

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They prevent dental deterioration.
They correct the misalignment of the dental pieces.
They help improve chewing and therefore digestion.
They correct dental malocclusion.
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